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RPG Fall Classic

2024 RPG Fall Classic

UPA Powerlifting

Raw, Raw Elite & Equipped

October 19th, 2024


Thank you!

​Meet Director:

Steve Stuecher  -  248-709-1258



Raw, Raw Elite, & Equipped: Full Power, Push/Pull, and Bench & DL only. 



Rochester Performance Gym. 1962 Star Batt Dr., Rochester Hills, MI 48309


Lifting Session:         

Saturday, October 19th, 2024 @ 9:00am


Sanctioned by the United Powerlifting Association (UPA). Check for information and RULEBOOK.

UPA-AD is a drug tested division. We will be drug testing this division!

One piece lifting suit required.



Raw: Knee wraps, belt and wrist wraps are allowed.

Raw Elite: Knee Sleeves, belt and wrist wraps are allowed, but mandatory walk out! Full power only.

Equipped: Singleply, multiply, and unlimited are allowed, and we will report as such.

Please check the UPA Rule Book for specifications.



55 Spots available!

Weigh-In: Friday, October 18th, 2024 from 9-11am & 4:30-6:30pm

@ Rochester Performance Gym. 1962 Star Batt Dr., Rochester Hills, MI 48309

There are NO "DAY OF" Weigh-ins.  You must be weighed in the day before you are scheduled to compete.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Open to all UPA members. Please visit this link to purchase a card ahead of time:


Must purchase membership card on the website prior to weigh ins!

IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD EXPIRES ON THE DAY YOU COMPETE, per the UPA, you will need to RENEW your card to compete at this meet.  Current members must present their cards at weigh-ins.


Entry Fee:

$115 (Upon payment, no refund, transfer, or reimbursement requests will be accepted.  Thank you).

$50 for each additional division.

Meet Shirts are $25, S-4XL, please select your size.




The entry deadline is September 1st, 2024 or when the meet cap limit has been reached. $50 late fee will be assessed if entry is submitted after this. 



Lifters will also be eligible to break UPA & UPA-AD National Records. Lifters may also establish/break all UPA State Records for the division they lift in.


Best Lifter Awards:

In addition to the prize money, we will have awesome awards to each of the following by coefficient:

Men’s Raw

Men's Raw Elite

Men’s Equipped

Women’s Raw

Women's Raw Elite

Women’s Equipped

Bench Only

Deadlift Only



 ^^^The above need to have 5 competitors in the division to qualify^^^



Awards/Medals will be given to 1st-3rd place in all Men’s and Women’s classes, just weight classes for awards.   

See above awards for Best Lifters


Best Lifters are based on coefficient scores only!


Spectator Fee:

$10; Children 10 and under are free.


The meet is first come, first serve, only 55 spots available!

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