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Steve Stuecher, Owner & Powerlifter
Steve Stuecher


Steve brings a unique combination of possessing a successful facility management background, and a devotion to seeing athletes improve to RPG.  His vision and enthusiasm for seeing people achieve their goals sets the tone for Rochester Performance Gym. Being a Rochester Hills native, as well as playing basketball for Rochester College, has provided Steve with the competitive drive that will push athletes and lifters beyond what even they think they can accomplish.


-Steve Stuecher

Rochester College

BA-Sports Management

Pro Powerlifter

1915lb Total @265lbs (Raw wraps)

  832lb Raw Squat

2260 Total @ 261lbs (Multiply)

  Squat: 1005

  Bench: 633

  Deadlift: 670

WPO Semi Finals 2020, 2023

APF National Champion 2019

WPC World Champion 2018

APF National Champion 2018


Ben Pauli, Coach & Personal Trainer
Ben Pauli

Athletic Performance Director

Ben brings an extensive list of experience to RPG.  He has a B.S. in Exercise Science specializing in biomechanics, athletic performance, speed development, and strength & conditioning.  Coach Ben has over 10 years of coaching under his belt and is the mastermind of our athletic programs.  Ben's niche is in group training & programming for powerlifting, strongman, fitness, weight loss, strength, etc.

-Ben Pauli

B.S. Exercise Science

Coached: State Champion HS programs including, football, track, volleyball, and baseball

Pro Powerlifter

2615lbs total @ 275lbs (Unlimited)

2400lbs total @ 275lbs (Multiply)

1852lb total @ 242lbs (Raw)

1758lb total @ 220lbs (raw

Strongman Athlete

Michigan Barbenders

Coaching Revolution

Brendan Rosenbergh

Athletic Performance Trainer

As a former collegiate athlete, NPC/NABBA/DFAC Men’s Physique competitor and almost a decade of training, Brendan has had the opportunity to accrue a wide base of knowledge.  Brendan believes in combing passion, science, and hard work to optimize the results of his students.  He has worked with individuals from various backgrounds including professional athletes to post rehab patients. Brendan utilizes a variety of tools and platforms to help his clients and students succeed.  With a deep knowledge and understanding of how to teach quality movement and translate it to mobility, stability, power, endurance and strength Brendan has the ability to help you reach any goal. 

-Brendan Rosenbergh

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Strength and Conditioning Specialist

StrongFirst SFG


RockTape FMT Blades

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

Brent Odziana
Conan Stoehr
Brent Odziana

Athletic Performance Trainer

Brent Odziana brings a unique background of cultivating strength & developing performance in youth & high level baseball players to RPG.  He has spent 4 years as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at CMU, overseeing track and field, field hockey, and working with their football team.  After that he spent 3 years at Stephen F. Austin State University as the Director of Performance for both the baseball & softball teams.  He worked with track and field, women's basketball, and football there as well.  In combination with his online platform, OZ Athletics, Brent has opened up his schedule for live, in person coaching here at our facility.  We are ecstatic to have another coach that brings the combination of possessing an absolute passion for success, and the never ending quest for more knowledge to pass on to our members and clients.

-Brent Odziana

B.A. Exercise Science

M.A. Sports Administration

Central Michigan University



Powerlifter: 1401 Raw Total

OZ Athletics

Conan Stoehr

Athletic Performance Trainer

With just over 30 years experience under the bar, Conan brings his knowledge of movement, technique and programming to help people of all ages accomplish their goals.  He is a student of strength and always learning.  With a focus on powerlifting and strength, Conan has the tools to get you to fulfill your potential.  Individual, group, 1 on 1 training, and programming available.

-Conan Stoehr

Powerlifter: 2006lb Total

USAPL/AWPC Masters Powerlifter

AWPC M1 World Record Holder (Squat/Deadlift/Total)

AAPF M1 National Record Holder (Squat/Deadlift/Total)

The Brand X Method - The Art of Growing Up Strong Seminar

Stoehr Strong


Through our small group training sessions, team training programs, individual athletic performance training, and even our open gyms the trainers and coaches at RPG seek to provide athletes and clients with the knowledge, programming, and technical feedback to obtain measurable and noticeable results!


Owner, Steve says, "We are ecstatic to share our lifelong passion and expertise with members and young athletes alike in our brand new, custom outfitted facility.  I always look back on my college basketball career and wonder what if I had the proper strength training guidance, and even more, what if I could recover more effectively from the physical toll of practice and games?"  Let RPG improve your performance to eliminate those "what ifs."  We look forward to working with you.


Rochester Performance Gym’s number one goal is to be considered the authority in strength and athletic performance (powerlifting, strongman, athletic performance, etc.) in Michigan.  RPG's aim is to provide premium instruction and coaching to all ages; middle school, high school, college, recreational, and professional athletes.  We strive to teach athletes and clients positive habits to prevent injury, increase mobility, correct movements, and to accelerate recovery.


RPG...Michigan's destination for all things strength & performance.

Meet, Family, Friends, Powerlifting, Strongman, & Fitness
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