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Rochester Performance Gym

1962 Star Batt Dr.

Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Amanda Betron: 517-256-6889

Steve Stuecher:   248-709-1258


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UPA Winter Warfare Powerlifting Meet

January 18, 2020

RPG is bringing back the UPA Winter Warfare Meet for a third year in a row!  It's another recipe for an intense atmosphere, loud music, sold out meet, packed house, and big lifting!

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December 14, 2019

The definition of RPG hype and atmosphere comes to life every year at the Raise the Bar DL only meet!  Back for the fourth year in a row, we see more and more people getting involved, and see bigger and bigger deadlifts every year!  Unsanctioned Event with real judges and great best lifter awards!  Register on the link below!

Spectators: $5

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USAPL Iron Monger Push Pull Meet

September 28, 2019

The USAPL Iron Monger is set for a few weeks earlier than last year!  Registration for this fun push/pull meet opens up on 7/20/19 at 12pm.  Sign up on the link provided!

Spectators: $10

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USPA Motor City Madness Powerlifting Meet

August 24, 2019

USPA - full power meet!  Back for a second year in a row, Motor City Madness is almost sold out.  10 spots remain as of 7/12/19.  Register at the link provided to take part in one of the most elaborate platforms in the state, while trying to win some of the nicest prize packs of the year!

Spectators: $10

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2019 USAPL Spring Barbellum

May 04, 2019

USAPL Powerlifting Meet.  Starts at 9:15am - single platform - SOLD OUT Event!!!

$10 admission for spectators.

nPower Fitness Camp with Nicole Wilkins - Rochester Hills

May 17, 2019

nPower Fitness Camp is a weekend for women of all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and goals to learn about weight training, nutrition and how to set up a program that best fits your body.   It is a place to come for inspiration and motivation and to meet other women who share similar lifestyles.  Our goal is to help you look and feel your absolute best!  We want you to leave the camp empowered to take on everything life has to offer- and to always believe in yourself!

2019 USAPL RPG Barbellum

June 22, 2019

USAPL Powerlifting Meet - double platform - RPG's largest meet of the year!  Registration opens up on April 20, 2019.

$10 admission for spectators.

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UPA Winter Warfare 2019

January 19, 2019

RPG's very own UPA meet is back again - Winter Warfare is upon us!  Equipped & Raw Powerlifting in the UPA and UPA-AD divisions.  Registration is only $85!

Pure Michigan Strongman Record Breakers

December 09, 2018

This is a 6 event contest that spans 6 months doing 1 event each month.  RPG is hosting Event 2!!!


The series will open up with 1RM axle DL at the 3rd annual Pull for the Vets fundraiser which raises money for homeless veterans on Nov 11th (Veterans Day)

11/11/18 1RM axle DL (standard height) @3rd annual pull for hope

- 3 attempts

12/09/18 1RM Log Press 12” for men 10” for women

- 3 attempts

RPG Raise the Bar III w/ Barbellum Powerlifting

December 08, 2018

RPG's annual Deadlift Only Meet!  This meet is not connected to any federation.  It is a fun meet with a great atmosphere.  It is open to young, old, big, small, tall, ugly, pretty, handsome, intelligent, smelly, skinny, fat, fluffy, extroverted, introverted, strong or weak individuals who would like to deadlift with some awesome, friendly, happy and legendary people.

2018 USAPL Michigan Iron Monger

October 13, 2018

USAPL sanctioned Push/Pull (Bench & Deadlift) Meet.  Big numbers went up last year, and energy was high!  Registration will open in April on the link provided!

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Copy Of -USPA Motor City Madness

August 25, 2018

Meet Director: Doug and Candi Nostrant
Phone: (419) 344-0890

Events: Full Power, Bench only, Deadlift only, PushPull
Category: Raw, Classic Raw, Single Ply, Multiply

Start time: 9am Saturday
Weigh ins will be Friday at 9am-11am & 530pm-7pm.
No Saturday weighins

Awards info:
Best Lifter awards presented by:
Matt Wenning
Iron Rebel
EFX Sports
Bullfrog Nutrition

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2018 USAPL RPG Barbellum

June 23, 2018

USAPL sanctioned full power and bench only meet!  This is always our largest meet of the year!  Registration will open in March,

and this will cap out!

nPower Fitness Camp w/ Nicole Wilkins

May 18, 2018

nPower Fitness Camp is a weekend for women of all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and goals to learn about weight training, nutrition and how to set up a program that best fits your body. It is a place to come for inspiration and motivation and to meet other women who share similar lifestyles.

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Group Run/Conditioning Seminar for Endurance Athletes

February 10, 2018

Join Coach Billie-Nicole for a group run on the Clinton River Trail, followed by a strength and conditioning seminar taught by the best athletic performance trainers in Oakland County.  7:30-10am.  More info on the fb link provided.

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UPA Winter Warfare Powerlifting Meet

January 20, 2018

UPA Winter Warfare Powerlifting Meet: Equipped & Raw, Full power, Ironman, or Squat, Bench, or Deadlift Only!

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Raise the Bar 2 - Deadlift Only Meet

December 16, 2017

RPG and Barbellum collab again to bring the energy with the second annual Raise the Bar Deadlift Only Meet.  Sign up in the link below!  Texas Deadlift Bar plus Kilo plates!  

Relentless Detroit 2017

November 04, 2017

Powerlifting for a cause.  Please click the link to learn more.  All proceeds raised will help local children and families battling life threatening illnesses.  

2017 Michigan Iron Monger

USAPL sanctioned Push / Pull meet

Bench Press and Deadlift Only, no Squat.

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USAPL Rochester Barbellum Meet - NOW AT RPG

July 15, 2017

Your requests have been answered! The USAPL Rochester Barbellum meet has now doubled in size! Two platforms, 70 lifters, brand new facility, and the craziest crowds we have ever seen at any meet! NOTE-The only way to sign up is on the link provided.

RPG Army Tees and Tanks for pre-order

May 01, 2017

Available for pre-order only right now! Options as follows:
Men's Black 50/50 Tee: XS-2XL + 3XL
Ladies Black 50/50 Tee: S-XL
Black Cotton Tank: XS-3XL
Heather Cotton Tank: XS-3XL

Contact Amanda or Steve to order!

May 19, 2017

Second annual Rochester Hills, MI Phat Camp with Nicole Wilkins!  Click the link provided to join this weekend retreat!

Raise the Bar Deadlift Only Meet

Come join us at this inaugural meet on December 3rd, 2016.  Whether this is your first powerlifting experience or you're already a seasoned lifter, come enjoy RPG's first ever powerlifting meet.  Register through the link provided!

Powerlifting Clinic

September 03, 2016

Powerlifting Clinic - Saturday, Sept. 3rd from noon-1pm!
Better yourself with Coach Ben as he covers squat technique, over-head press techniques, and more! This is what he does best-come ready to move some weight and bring your questions!

Football Mini - Camps

July 18, 2016

*Improve Athletic Performance
*Physically Prepare for Training & Practice
*Prevent overuse Injuries
*Decrease Likelihood of Traumatic Injuries
*Improve Self- Confidence and Self-Esteem

Evolve to the Next Level: Football Prep Camp

Call 249-709-1258 or stop in to sign up!

Open House w/ Rochester Gym

June 13, 2016

Pre-grand opening open house!  In cooperation with the Rochester Gym's open house we will be offering discounted membership rates, pre-register specials, and giveaways!!  June 13th, 2016 from 2-8pm!

Phat Camp with Nicole Wilkins

Nicole Wilkins and her team are bringing Phat Camp to Rochester Hills!  RPG is excited to co-host this SOLD OUT weekend retreat with the Rochester Gym.

StrongFirst is coming to Rochester Hills on May 14th! Learn from one of the top Kettlebell Instructors in the United States, traveling all the way from North Carolina, Senior SFG Instructor Betsy Middleton Collie. Sign up below!

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