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Racks on Racks on Racks

Your powerlifting oasis awaits...

Barbells & Specialty Bars:

4) Texas Deadlift Bars: 45lbs

1) Okie Deadlift Bar: 45lbs

1) Kabuki Deadlift Bar: 45lbs

2) Mastodon Squat Bars (red): 60lbs

1) Westside Bulldog Squat Bar (red w black): 65lbs

2) Sabertooth Bench Bars: 55lbs

1) Texas Bench Bar: 55lbs

3) Texas Power Bars: 45lbs

4) Rogue Ohio Power Bar: 45lbs

1) York Split Sleeve Power Bar: 45lbs

2) EliteFTS SSB/Yoke Bar: 65lbs

1) Sam Hell Bully Giant Cambered Bar: 65lbs

1) Marrs Bar: 65lbs

1) EliteFTS Spider Bar: 80lbs

1) Rogue Cambered Bar: 85lbs

2) Kabuki Duffalo Bar: 55lbs

1) Kabuki Kadilac Bar: 45lbs

2) EliteFTS American Bar: 40lbs

1) EliteFTS Football Bar: 40lbs

1) Rogue Knurled Multi Grip bar: 43lbs

3) Axle Bars: 25lbs

1) Rogue B&R Olympic Bar: 45lbs

1) Rogue Ohio Bar: 45lbs

1) Xmark Voodoo Oly Bar: 45lbs

1) Titan Log: 105lbs

1) Custom Log: 90lbs

1) Rogue 8” Log: 72lbs

2) Custom Axle Bars: 25lbs

1) Rogue Beam Bar: 41lbs

1) Trap Bar: 55lbs

1) EZ Curl Bar: 15lbs

1) Tricep Bar: 10lbs

1) Bandbell Earthquake Bar: 6lbs

1) OSO Mini Bar: 5lbs

2) Camo Rack Pull Bars: 45lbs


Powerlifting Equipment:

1) EliteFTS Custom Mono-lift

2) Dynabody Mono-lifts

3) EliteFTS Competition Benches w/ Safeties & Band Pegs

1) Texas Strength Systems Combo Rack

1) ER Equipment (Squat/Bench)

2) EliteFTS Power Racks

1) Legend Fitness Half Rack

4) Rogue Fitness Deadlift Platforms w/ Band Pegs

1) Westside Squat Rack w/ Dip & Viking Press Attachments

1) Rogue R3 Shorty Rack

Rogue Calibrated Competition Kg Plates w/Extra 25Kgs

Specialty Machines:

1) Westside Barbell ATP/Belt Squat

1) Westside Barbell Bent Pendulum Reverse Hyper

1) Westside Barbell Inverse Curl

1) Mike Bartos' PR Platform

1) Texas Strength Systems 45 Degree Back Extension and Row Combo

Free Weights:

1) Rogue 0-90 Bench

1) EliteFTS Flat Bench

1) Incline/Decline Benches

1) Seated Military Bench

1) Fat Pad Bench

1) Legend Fitness 0-90 Bench

Dumbbells up to 150lbs

Kettlebells up to 150lbs

Rogue & Pendlay Bumper Plates

12,000+ lbs of Plates

Lower Body Machines:

1) Rogue GHD

1) Rogue Reverse Hyper Machine

1) Hammer Strength 45 Degree Back Extension

1) Hammer Strength Leg Extension

1) Hammer Strength Prone Leg Curl

1) Cybex Seated Hamstring Curl

1) Polaris Custom Leg Press

3) Drag Sleds

1) EliteFTS Prowler

1) Rogue Dog Sled

Upper Body Machines:

1) Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Row

1) Magnum Fitness Pec Deck/Rear Delt Fly

1) Icarian Vertical Chest Press

1) Fray Fitness Cable Crossover

1) Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown

1) Nautilus Four Way Neck

Strongman Equipment:

1) Rogue Yoke

2) Rogue/Custom Farmers handles

1) Apollo Car Deadlift

1) Loadable Hussefell Stone

1) Custom Viking Shoulder Press

2) Circus Dumbbells (55lb and 110lb)

1) Loadable Wheelbarrow

2) Pairs of Wagon Wheels (45lbs)

Atlas Stones from 95-400lbs with Platform

Loaded Kegs

Sand Bags


1) Concept 2 Rower

1) Schwinn Air Dyne

1) Star Trac Spin Bike

1) Power Max Set of 4 Soft Plyo Boxes

3) Rogue Plyo boxes

1) EliteFTS Soft Plyo Box

1) Neutral Grip Pullup Bar

8) Pairs of Differing Height Deadlift Blocks

EliteFTS Bands

350lbs of Chains

Professionally installed turf track

Assortment of battle ropes, foam rollers, ab wheels, stability balls, hurdles, agility ladders, medicine balls, testing equipment, etc.

Competitive Record Board


Westside Corner
Cable Corner
Rochester Performance Gym Entrance
Viking Press - Custom
Garage Door & Back Alley
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