Your powerlifting oasis awaits...

Rochester Performance Gym


2) EliteFTS full power racks

1) EliteFTS Custom Mono-lift

2) Dynabody Mono-lifts

1) SOA Custom Comp Bench

1) SOA Combo Rack (Squat/Bench)

1) Rogue Rhino Belt Squat

1) Westside Barbell Bent Pendulum Reverse Hyper

1) Texas Strength Systems 45 Degree Back Extension and Row Combo

1) Custom 3x3 power rack

1) Titan squat rack

1) Texas Strength Systems competition bench

1) Elitefts flat bench

1) Rogue deadlift platform

1) Titan deadlift platform

1) Custom Thompson Fatpad bench

1) Custom Competition Bench

1) Rep Fitness 0-90 Adjustable Bench

1) Adjustable Incline Bench

1) Mastodon Squat bar

1) Sabertooth Bench bar

1) Elitefts SSB bars

1) Kabuki power & squat bar

2) Buffalo bars (1 Duffalo)

2) Rogue Ohio bars

2) Rogue Ohio power bars

2)Texas power bar

2) Texas deadlift bar

1) Rogue deadlift bar

1) Okie deadlift bar

1) Vintage York power barbell

1) 75lb Cambered bar

1) Elitefts Cambered American Bar

3) Deadlift platforms with band pegs

1) Rogue GHD

1) GearBoxRx GHR - Glute ham developer

1) Texas Strength Systems GHD

2) Rogue Sleds

1) Elitefts Prowler

1) Leg Press

1) Cybex Seated Leg curl

1)Leg curl/extension combo

1) Chest supported back row - dual arm

2)Lat Pull-down and low-row combo machines

1) Farmers handles, stones, kegs, etc.

Atlas Stones from 95-400lbs with Platforms

2) Circus Dumbbells (55lb and 110lb)

3) Rogue Plyo boxes

1) Custom Viking Shoulder Press

1) Rogue Yoke, axle bar, logs, bands, and landmine

Kettlebells (up to 150lbs)

Dumbbells (5-100lbs) (Numerous pairs of each)

Bumper (Rogue, Hampton, and Pendlay) and steel plates

Star Trac spin bike


Professionally installed turf track

Assortment of hurdles, agility ladders, medicine balls, testing equipment, etc.

Competitive Record Board


Garage Gym
Combo Rack - Squat Bench
Gym - Corner View
Rochester Performance Gym Entrance
Air Relax Lounge
Lounge Lockers
Barbells Bars
Viking Press - Custom
Garage Door & Back Alley

Rochester Performance Gym

1962 Star Batt Dr.

Rochester Hills, MI 48309


Amanda Stuecher: 517-256-6889

Steve Stuecher: 248-709-1258

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